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  • 45 years professional marketing and advertising for: national and international companies
  • 30 Years of Successful PR for: Associations, industry, fashion, cosmetics and food
  • 25 years growing experience for the Far East: Development, production and marketing in the industry, fashion and toys

... Our motto: Who don't becomes always better, ceases to be good. ...


logo-text achieved your goals!

  • Of the idea / advice
  • on the development / copyright / patent
  • including monitoring the production and final inspection.
  • about the import / export
  • to successful marketing / brand development

... Contacts only hurt the one who has not ...


logo-textConsultations are always individual

  • according to the task
  • conception
  • objective
  • realization

... Information is the antitoxin of the controversy ...


We don't want to reinvent the wheel, but we can help you avoid mistakes

... Because your success is part of our future.





There is no task for us, which is too large.

And there is no task for us, that would be too small, at least not that we think about it.


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